Happy New Year

Its a new year, and hey why not start a blog? My mom might be the only person who ever reads it but this year I’m trying new things. So here’s to a new blog where I’ll pen (or type I guess) my rants, rambles and reviews. Check back for the books I’m reading, the series I watching on Netflix, the things I like or hate right now or what I think about the latest Kim K news. I’ll try to limit the number of funny cat videos I post but I can’t promise anythingThis is the Spill by JILL.

Here are my 2013 Resolutions…

1. Try new things, step out of my comfort zone. 

2. Read at least 6 books a month. That’s 72 books a year. Last year my goal was 52 a year and I reached it in like June. But I’m in a little reader’s rut so I’m not in a place to set my goal real high right now. 

3. And of course, the obligatory eat healthy, go to the gym and get in shape New Year’s resolution.

Night Mom. 


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