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I haven’t posted in a while. There are a million excuses I can give (I just got a puppy!) but basically I’m still getting used to the thought of writing and having others read it. I am very selfconscious of my writing and don’t like people reading it. But I have to get over it and what better way then for a bunch of strangers right? I also have so many thoughts and feels that I never know what to write. So I’ll start off small…

What am I reading?

I am on page 146 of Tahereh Mafi’s Unravel Me, the sequel to Shatter Me. And so far so good!

Recently Story Crush posted about YA relationships and who do you ‘ship’? I’m barely even halfway through Unravel Me so as of right now I ‘ship’ Juliette and Adam. But for myself I ship Myself and Kenji. Kenji’s so full of himself and tells it like it is. Some of my favorite Kenji-isms so far…

“If I lower my voice, I won’t be able to hear myself speak. And that is my favorite part.”

“As far as I can tell, you’ve got food in your mouth and clothes on your back and a place to pee in peace whenever you feel like it. Those aren’t problems. That’s called living like a king. And I’d appreciate it if you’d grow the hell up and stop walking around like the world crapped on your only roll of toilet paper. Because it’s stupid.”

Wrapping this up because I keep sneaking in reading in between writing sentences. Here’s a pic of my new puppy, Lady Gwendolyn Louise, aka Lady Gwen or Lady G.



2 thoughts on “Now Reading

  1. I haven’t read the book, but I like your take on the characters. I prefer to read readers’ review of books rather than critics, because writers write for readers, right? haha. At least, I know that that’s who I write for….or should I say, for whom I write. Again, haha.

    Your pup is so cute – I’m waiting for mine…going to adopt him from the shelter as soon as he is done with his knee surgery rehab. ❤

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