Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!


I am single again this VDay and would like to share a list of dream Valentines. These are the guys I’d love to spend this holiday with, whether they are real, fictional or totally out of my league …

  • George Weasley, maybe its the red hair or maybe its the goofyness. He lost an ear in the final book of the Harry Potter series so that gives him a hot badass vibe. We’d spend the day laughing and joking and he’d probably give me some trick bouquet of flowers and box of chocolates.
  • Seth Rogen, as seen by the above valentine I love a man with a sense of humor. Seth is funny, cute, goofy and has a laugh that I find highly infectious.
  • Peeta Mellark, come on who wouldn’t want to be Peeta’s special lady? He risked his life in the Hunger Games arena twice and would have done anything to keep Katniss alive even if it cost him his own life. That’s hot.
  • The guy from work with the glasses and tweed jacket. I have a thing for guys in glasses. He’s got a laptop case that looks like a vintage book. I like to think we’d get along.
  • Pacey Witter, my most recent TV crush after I binged on the complete series of Dawson’s Creek on Netflix. We would spend the day on the water sailing, eating seafood. He’d be sweet, funny and full of the Witter charm.
  • Ryan Gosling. ‘NUFF SAID. He’d be like “Hey Girl” all day. Swoon.
  • Dexter, from my favorite Sarah Dessen novel, This Lullaby. He’s a messy musician, so after hanging out with his dog, Monkey, he after pursuing with his nerdy charm he’d serenade me with his band, Truth Squad at Bendo. Hate Spinnerbait.
  • THOR! While Chris is my favorite Hemsworth brother I write Thor so I get more options. This way I get Chris, the hair and the hammer. The hammer is hot. Maybe he’d bring me roses and my own pink hammer.

Take all the best qualities of these guys and I’d have one swoon-worthy Valentine’s date.

Happy V-Day!


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