A Retelling

Hey guys, I just read this really awesome book. THEN, I found out that that it’s going to be a trilogy. AND THEN, I found out about a possible movie adaptation. I’m on a ROLLER COASTER OF BOOKISH EMOTIONS here (here is Starbucks, where two moms are having a very enthusiastic PTA meeting of sorts). Anywho, the book is…

The Madman’s Daughter

By Megan Shepherd


The Madman’s Daughter is a retelling of H.G. Wells’ The Island of Dr. Moreau, only this YA gothic thriller is told from the point of view of the Dr.’s 16-year-old daughter, Juliet Moreau. This is definitely a get-under-a-warm-blanket-by-the-fire-and-read-until-morning kind of book. Unfortunately I work in a hospital and have a four-month-old puppy so I wasn’t able to just READ. It took me quite a few days to finish but that is no fault of the book.  It was exciting, thrilling and refreshing.  I don’t think I’ve read another book quite like it. I love the concept of YA retellings of classics. Its almost like a really fun Spark Notes. You get a lot of the great story points from the original classics but adds even more and spins it into a version that is a much easier read and aimed towards a younger audience.  I have not read Mr. Well’s classic story of a Dr. who lives on a deserted island and experiments with vivisection.  Vivisection is by definition (courtesy of dictionary.com) “the action of cutting into or dissecting a live body.” I think having read this retelling of the story makes me think I’d like to pick up the original.

So I was finishing up the book at a particularly slow hour at the hospital (don’t worry! I’m not a doctor, nurse or anything important, I just sit at a desk) and I decided to research a little more about the original story of Dr. Moreau and the author of this retelling Megan Shepherd.  I came upon THIS ARTICLE from EW’S Shelf Life column. Megan Shepherd reveals in the interview that the great characters of The Madman’s Daughter will return for TWO MORE BOOKS!! Not to drag out the story of Dr. Moreau and his creepy island, Megan will retell two more classic stories but keep some of the characters we loved from the first book! The second book will be a retelling of Jekyll and Hyde, and the third, Frankenstein!

Also, a MOVIE is in the works! And this is where a lot of those roller coaster emotions come in to play.  I loved the book and while I was reading I kept thinking, wow, this would make an awesome scene if it were ever made into a movie. Or I found myself trying to fan cast all the characters. Its so exciting!! But then I think of all the CGI techy stuff you see in movies these days. Books are always better than their movies. I don’t want to see this movie version crash with computer-generated monsters and a weak screenplay. At the same time, I’m excited to see it come to life.

There you have it, my book-to-screen fears. Now go read this book. 🙂



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