Calling All Bloggers!

Hello all. I started this blog in January and I’m off to a slow start. Do you have any advice for a beginning blogger? Any words of wisdom you can give me on how to make this a better blog people would like to read. Advice on working with WordPress would be greatly appreciated.

Is there a class you took to learn about blogging, a book, or did you just dive right in?

How can I make my blog my own? Right now I’m using a free theme.


3 thoughts on “Calling All Bloggers!

  1. Hey there! Glad to have you on board in the blogging world. It’s been a while since I was a new blogger, but I still remember very clearly all the things I did (or still do) to continuously try to make my blog better. In terms of layout, I’m afraid I won’t be very much help: I’m not on WordPress, and I like to make my own banner images and coding. One thing I did regarding blog layout coding was to take a look at bloggers whose blog layouts I really liked, and then incorporating the elements I liked into my own blog. This led me to create my current About page and find plugins like LinkedWithin or nRelate to make the blog experience more enjoyable for both me and my blog readers.

    Regarding how to make your blog one that people will read, I think the most important thing you have to do is just to write posts. Write a LOT of posts. Don’t base them on what you think others will want to read, but rather what you want to say. Seriously! This does wonders. If you have the mentality of wanting to produce content that others are sure to love, you’ll stress yourself out and end up writing little, if anything at all. If you love your own posts, then you can easily spread your love in comments on others’ blogs, and the bloggers worth connecting to will happily respond with comments on your blog, etc.

    Good luck! 🙂

  2. Thanks Steph for all the great advice!! It really helps. Im getting tHe Hang of it and I’ll be putting out a lot more posts soon.
    Thanks for reading my blog and check back soon!

  3. Well this is going to be an awkward new comment on a really old post, but hey I love to pull myself out of the crowd.
    So my advice…. I’m a relatively new blogger (just hit the four month mark!) but I would say that always begin with the layout…. Be different, do bright colors make it from a template that isn’t widely used! But most importantly just be yourself and make sure the blog is a reflection of YOUR personality!
    Participate in memes! Not only are they easy posts to make, but they are great ways to start book discussions and meet other bloggers.
    Okay reviews. This is a big one. Make sure your posting lots of reviews and not just memes or tours. Why because reviews are fun and are great ways to share the love or have a snark fest!
    Book tours. A lot of times book tours are really fun to participate in! Not only are they fun, they really let you get involved in the community and help you promote awesome authors!
    Disscussion posts! They are just fun things to do! If you can’t think of any topics then try doing a meme where they provide the prompts.
    Most of all have fun and read books!
    I think book blogging is such a nice community! So seriously try to make friends! Hope that advice was semi-helpful….

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