Androids, Cyborgs and Robots, Oh My!

I’ve been reading a lot of fantasy/adventure/paranormal YA lately. And I’m loving it. A lot of books centered around mechanical species like androids, robots or cyborgs. I found myself questioning the differences – A robot isn’t the same and android, right? And androids are different from a cyborgs.
Robots are machines that are able to replicate human functions, while an android is an automaton that resembles a human. Cyborgs are humans whose functioning depends of mechanical devices which may also give it superhuman abilities. (Thank you!)

Let’s Talk Androids
First up was a story about a girl who finds out she’s an android on the run from the military that created her.mila copy

I was dying for this book to come out and had to have it the day it finally did. Debra Driza’s MILA 2.0 came out and i devoured it as fast as I could. I enjoyed it so much I disappeared from blogging to read other books featuring androids, robots and cyborgs. Mila discovers she’s an android who has had her memories wiped. Her mother takes her on the run to escape her creators because she shows more emotions and human qualities than the normal android. I have to say i have been really intrigued with the story lines that authors have been creating. An android, or a automaton resembling a human, living as a normal girl expressing real teenage girl emotions takes a whole lot of creative thinking. I think to have come up with this one, Debra Driza has more creativity and imagination in her pinky nail then I do in my entire body. I need to do some brain exercises… Anywho… This book is full of kick-ass action. Who wouldn’t love to read a book about a girl who attacks the enemy by plugging him in the armpit with the electrical cord of a hair dryer. Yes, a hairdryer. If I wasn’t already hooked the hair dryer would have done it for sure.

Read this! Then, to get your literary fix of robots try Revolution 19, by Gregg Rosenblum. For some cyborg fun read Marissa Meyer’s Cinder, a fun mechanical spin on Cinderella.


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